Accurate and unbiased services, you can count on.


  • By a dedicated team of researchers and translators with 10-15 years of professional experience, we give special attention to detail and produce every piece of our services through a different vision.
  • Through our large network of sources, we have access to greater amount of information, produce wider variety of services and offer a more comprehensive approach to the world.
  • By mastering more than a dozen languages, we are bridging the gap between Arabs and the rest of the world, covering vast areas, and interact with many sources of information.
  • One of our priorities is to enlighten the issues that have not been addressed, marginalized or even ignored and buried deliberately by the mainstream Arab media and think tanks, to offer a comprehensive and balanced insight.
  • Critically check and analyze every piece of information, determine the extent of its objectivity and put it in the broader context, not only to explain how and why, but also to accurately forecast what comes after.
  • With a great amount of flexibility, we ensure that our clients’ goals/objectives will be met and keep pace with the ever-changing landscape.
  • We are keen to fulfill the growing demands of our clients on time, without compromising the quality of our services.